Tournament Info U11 (2005)

4. & 5.06.2016


TSV Krähenwinkel/Kaltenweide
Stucken-Mühlen-Weg 85
30855 Langenhagen

.Tournament rules: soccer association from Niedersachen (NFV)
.The tournament is for teams of youngsters born between 2005 and younger
.Guest players are allowed to play
.We are playing 7-a-side (6+1)
.You can use rolling substitutes
.There is no offside
.The keeper can´t pick up back passes
.The goalkeeper kick or throw is not allowed to cross the middle line
.In case of an equal number of points the following criterions will decide on the ranking:
1.Goal difference
2.Number of goals scored
3.Result of the mutual match
4.Penalty kick with 5 kickers, after this ko-system
.Size of the pitch: 55x34 m
.Ball size 4, weight ca. 290 g
.Each team should be present at the closing ceremony
.We want the teams to change club pennants before a match
.The decisions made by the tournament´s organisation board are final and not disputable.

Disclaimer/Limitation of liability
1.The liability of the organizer for personal, property and financial damages of any kind, regardless of the legal nature of the claim that the participant during or in connection with participation in the event by conduct of the organizer, his representatives and his assistants, is exclused, other than the cases concerned, in which damage caused by the organizer, his representatives and agents with intent or gross negligence caused.
2.Where the liability for damages of the organizer is excluded or limited, this also applies with respect to the personal liability of employees, representatives, agents and sponsors.
3.If the organizer or the o.g. people (see paragraph 3)any intentionalbreach of duty is charged, is entitled to damages on the merits and the amount of the the foreseeable, typically occurring damage.
4.The organizer is not liable for unpaid property held by the participant.

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